Fake id New Hampshire

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<<< Stress: We are very focusing on the quality and safe. Please be patient once you choose cooperating with us, give us enough time to guarantee the quality and choose safe shipping. It is better for you and me.>>>

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About versions: usually 7 days to make  

Basic Version-$100: Scannable and with all security features. This version is used mainly in entertainment places. Including: supermarkets, stores, restaurants, hotels, music festival, casinos, hotels  and so on. You can buy tobacco and wine successfully. Also, you can verify your accounts-PayPal, Amazon, facebook and so on.

Special Version-$130: Scannable and with higher-level technology. In addition to basic functions. You also can use them in some special places. 

About shipping: we will email the tracking number to you.

Normal Shipping-$20:  Very safe, you won’t get any problems during shipping. You needn’t to pick up the packages by yourself. It almost will be dropped into your mailbox.

Express Shipping-$80:  Faster, but sometimes you need to sign the packages by yourself. It may expose your personal information.

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