Cambridge Police on Fake Identity Card Crackdown

Cambridge police have started a crackdown on underage drinkers using fake identity cards, the crackdown has seen over 220 fake drivers licenses, fake passports and other fake identity cards being seized in the cities clubs and bars. The police have teamed up with door staff to help them spot and seize fake identity cards from as many underage drinkers as possible.

The crackdown is aimed as those youngsters who are using altered fake identity cards which include fake driving licences, the youngsters are borrowing siblings and friends fake identity cards hoping to trick the doorman in to thinking they are theirs. The underage drinkers have been caught sticking their photos on driving licences or altering the date of birth on their own driving Licence in a bid to fool police and doorman. At the moment the operation is targeting the cities top nightspots which include, Lola Lo, The Regal pub, Revolution bar, Ballare, the Fez club and Kuda.

Cambridge police have stated that if someone is caught in possession of a friend or relative’s fake driving licence or other fake national ID cards the owner of the driving license could face prosecution. In a statement from the Cambridge City License officer PC Pete Sinclair he has stated that underage drinkers have lead to an increase in crime and even more worrying drunken teenagers have been found intoxicated and passed out in the street after losing their friends on a night out.

Some of Cambridge’s top night spots including Revolution and The Regal use top of the range scanners for Identity recognition; these sophisticated devises can spot fake driving licences, fake national ID cards and fake passports. These devises come in very handy in such a multicultural city. He also stated that the owners of any seized fake identity cards would have to go to the police station in person to collect. They will also be taken to a police interview room where the conversation will be recorded. They will be advised that if their driving licence or other fake identity card is seized again then the police will be more than likely to prosecute.

This crackdown on fake identity cards like fake driving licences and fake passports is just the start of a crackdown on fake ID cards across the United Kingdom. Although it is very unlikely the police will be able to stop the use of them altogether.